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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tightening the LCD screws on a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop

Dell Inspiron E1505 LCD hinges

I received a "tech support call" today asking me to tighten the screws on the LCD of a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop in our house. The lid was so loose that when you opened it and tried to keep it in one position, it would fall a couple of inches one way or the other until the hinges caught it. This really should be something easy to do, but I ended up using Google's first suggestion (the video immediately below), which turned out to be a mistake.

Bad advice:

This video (which I do not recommend using) takes you through a series of steps including removing the modem cover, unplugging the modem, pulling the modem cable through the laptop's housing, removing the battery, the keyboard, the hard drive, and so on. After I had my laptop in five pieces, I started looking around for the candid camera crew. Turns out they weren’t on the case, but it would have been good footage if they were. Needless to say, I bailed on this attempt, reassembled my laptop, and looked for better instructions.

Good Advice:

It’s probably easier to skip the videos and just use these instructions from “ahwee”. If you’re a person who works better from a video, this 4-minute video is a good reference on how to tighten the LCD on your Dell Inspiron E1505 as well.

The whole process should take approximately 10 minutes and you should only have to remove 6 screws around the face of the LCD before exposing the 4 screws (2 on each hinge, as shown in the picture above) that need to be tightened. Once that's done, the screen should stay firmly in place where you position it. If at any point you find yourself with the innards of your laptop extracted and exposed, start over from step one. :-)

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A Helicopter for a Subwoofer? You Bet.

Eminent Technology Helicopter SubwooferCheck out the world’s most amazing subwoofer...sans woofer.

Despite looking more like a helicopter than a speaker, this oddity can produce bass relatively flat down to ONE Hz. It looks like it drops off rapidly above 30Hz, so it’s definitely no good for mid-range, but it plays down to 1 Hz with only 150 watts input… seriously. They’re priced at ~13k right now, but if this technology becomes mainstream, hopefully it’ll be a lot cheaper in a few years.

Specifications from Eminent Technology: Amplifier Requirement: 150 watts @ 8 ohms Impedance: 8 ohms 0Hz - 40Hz Frequency Response: 1Hz – 30Hz +/- 4dB Suggested Crossover: 20Hz @ 18dB/octave Sensitivity 94dB 1 watt 1 meter @10Hz Maximum Acoustic Output: >115dB between 1 and 20Hz. Distortion: Typically 3% or less between 1 and 20Hz @90dB Warranty – 3 years parts and labor Patent Pending

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Ideas for Future Posts

IdeasHere are some items I intend to cover in future posts. Since it’s just me here talking to myself, I figure I’ll just publish them here as a reminder to myself for the future.

  • Online backup review – CrashPlan versus Carbonite (and a few others I’ve toyed with)
  • Installing a SATA Bluray drive in a Dell Optiplex (and the problems experienced)
  • Thoughts on building a home media server
    • to RAID or not to RAID
    • tower / chassis choices
    • hard drive choices
    • backup schemes
    • TBD…
  • Useful software for your home media server XBMC, SickBeard, etc.
  • Review of book reader software Calibre (awesome program)
  • Handy Software
    • WinSplit Revolution
    • Hamachi
    • AutoHotKey
    • WinOMeter
    • JBid Watcher

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Since many of my solutions end up coming from other bloggers who post their experience with the same types of issues, this is my small way of joining the blogging crowd and giving back. With any luck, eventually I’ll post a few things here that are useful to others, and if not, we’ll just call this an experiment to see how long I can talk to myself.


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