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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ideas for Future Posts

IdeasHere are some items I intend to cover in future posts. Since it’s just me here talking to myself, I figure I’ll just publish them here as a reminder to myself for the future.

  • Online backup review – CrashPlan versus Carbonite (and a few others I’ve toyed with)
  • Installing a SATA Bluray drive in a Dell Optiplex (and the problems experienced)
  • Thoughts on building a home media server
    • to RAID or not to RAID
    • tower / chassis choices
    • hard drive choices
    • backup schemes
    • TBD…
  • Useful software for your home media server XBMC, SickBeard, etc.
  • Review of book reader software Calibre (awesome program)
  • Handy Software
    • WinSplit Revolution
    • Hamachi
    • AutoHotKey
    • WinOMeter
    • JBid Watcher

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