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Monday, August 30, 2010

TechNazgul – The Beginning


After several years of thinking to myself that I should start a blog, I’ve taken the leap. I’m an avid computer and home theater enthusiast (read: geek) who works in the IT industry and gets to work & play with technology on a daily basis. I also end up being “tech support” for friends, family, etc. and often turn to Google to find solutions to common problems.


Since many of my solutions end up coming from other bloggers who post their experience with the same types of issues, this is my small way of joining the blogging crowd and giving back. With any luck, eventually I’ll post a few things here that are useful to others, and if not, we’ll just call this an experiment to see how long I can talk to myself.


As for the name, well, good domain names are hard to find… TechNazgul is a combination of what this blog is about (technology) and a reference to the Nazgûl in the Lord of the Rings (i.e. the attractive hooded figure to the right). The Nazgûl were all-knowing, all-powerful, etc., So, allow me a bit of creative license and imagine a Nazgûl who specializes in all things computer and technology-related and voilà, the TechNazgul blog is born.