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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Enable Windows Snipping Tool in Server 2008 R2

64px-Snipping_Tool_Vista_IconStrangely, attempts to Google this solution led to many convoluted results that involved copying files from a Vista install to the Server 2008 directory or hacking the registry to make this work. As it turns out, in Server 2008 R2, it is simple as:


Server Manager > Features > Add Features > Desktop Experience.


This does include some other ‘junk’ that you might not want on your server like WMP, Desktop Themes, etc., but it will get you the Windows Snipping Tool as well.


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  1. Thanx! Saved my documenting day.

  2. Strange ... does not appear in my OS then (active Terminal Services?!)

    Did someone else struggle on this?

  3. That is great. Thanks much for posting.

  4. Solution

    Warning before you do this, when completed the server will reboot a few times as it configures the features, and pulls down updates. Plan in some downtime to carry out this procedure.

    1. On the server > Open server Manager (ServerManager.msc) > Expand Feature > Add Features > Locate the Desktop Experience and select it.

    2. When finished it will ask for a reboot, then reboot (quite a lot - I was worried it was in a reboot loop at one point).

    3. When it comes back there's your snipping tool.